Men making good money in the prime of their lives are leaning away from demanding jobs and it could be because they’re ‘

The , , and a looming recession have caused major changes to the labor force. First, workers quit in droves due to a pandemic-induced burnout. Then, some of the ones who stayed on the job quietly started doing the minimum work required. And more recently have come . The job cuts that started in the … Read more

Fed Set to Shrink Rate Hikes Again as Inflation Slows

(Bloomberg) — Sign up for the New Economy Daily newsletter, follow us @economics and subscribe to our podcast. Most Read from Bloomberg Federal Reserve officials are set to shift down the pace of interest-rate hikes again in the coming week amid signs of slowing inflation, while Friday’s jobs report may show steady demand for workers … Read more

This is the biggest regret most retirees have, survey shows

If retirees could talk to their younger selves, they would tell them to save more for their golden years. “We think about the regrets that most of our survey respondents had, it was that they did not start saving early enough,” Nate Miles, Allspring’s head of retirement, told Iheart Finance Live about the company’s recent. … Read more

Elon Musk May Be Late On His San Francisco Rent, But The City Has Bigger Issues With Its Office Space

Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover of Twitter Inc. last year hasn’t been a smooth ride, with employee turnover and social media sniping. And now Musk has apparently stopped paying rent at the company’s San Francisco headquarters and British offices. The San Francisco building owner is suing Twitter, but being late on rent is the least … Read more

This janitor in Vermont amassed an $8M fortune without anyone around him knowing. Here are the 3 simple techniques that

Warren Buffett is reported to have once said, “You don’t need to have extraordinary effort to achieve extraordinary results. You just need to do the ordinary, everyday things exceptionally well.” It might sound too simplistic to be true, but if you doubt the Oracle of Omaha’s wisdom, you should hear the story of Ronald Read. … Read more

Adani’s Detailed Hindenburg Reply Now Said to Be Post-Share Sale

(Bloomberg) — Most Read from Bloomberg Adani Group will release a detailed response to allegations made by US short seller Hindenburg Research only after the completion of a new share sale that’s set to conclude on Jan. 31, according to people familiar with the matter. The conglomerate owned by Asia’s richest person Gautam Adani had … Read more

Is Social Security income taxable by the IRS? Here’s what you might owe on your benefits

When it comes to with its barrage of and , getting your can feel like a herculean task, especially if you’re not quite sure of the rules. If you receive Social Security benefits from the government, for example, that money is subject to taxes. The amount you have to pay varies and whether you are … Read more

Annuitization vs. Withdrawals: Which Will Cost Me Less During Retirement?

Purchasing an annuity can provide you with an additional stream of income for retirement. One thing you’ll have to decide is to annuitize payments or opt for lifetime withdrawals. Whether it makes sense to opt for annuitization vs. withdrawal can depend on how long you expect to need income from the annuity, your retirement budget … Read more

It Won’t Take Much for the ECB to Crush Rate-Cut Bets Next Week

(Bloomberg) — Most Read from Bloomberg The stage is set for a clash between traders betting on interest-rate cuts and Christine Lagarde, who’s ready — once again — to hammer home the need to stamp out inflation. The European Central Bank President rebuked investors six weeks ago for underestimating the extent of hikes required to … Read more

Abolish the IRS and the Income Tax? Some Republicans Are Having Second Thoughts

A group of arch-conservatives in the House is pushing for a vote on a bill that would eliminate federal income taxes and the IRS, but some influential Republicans are pushing back against what appears to be a political loser for the GOP. The bill, known as the Fair Tax Act, would scrap all individual and … Read more