SBF’s lawyer asked the judge to let the disgraced FTX founder access the company’s assets and crypto

An attorney for Sam Bankman-Fried asked a federal judge to allow him access to FTX crypto. Bankman-Fried is currently facing wire fraud and money laundering charges. He’s pleaded not guilty. Bankman-Fried resigned as FTX CEO in November 2022 after the company filed for bankruptcy. As a part of Sam Bankman-Fried’s bail conditions, the disgraced FTX … Read more

How people are making money on Canva and turning their graphic-design side hustles into full-time gigs

Canva’s popularity is exploding, bringing with it a boom in creators selling digital products. Some have turned creating templates, images, or files to sell into a full-time gig. The entrepreneurs tell Insider the benefits are wide-ranging despite varying financial success. After a tech startup fired 31-year-old Shruti Pangtey from her product marketing manager gig, she … Read more

VCs have swapped out tennis rackets and golf clubs for pickleball paddles. Here’s why the sport has become one of the ho

Pickleball has exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming America’s fastest-growing sport. Investors say this effect has been more pronounced in the tech community. From building relationships to escaping stress, here’s why VCs are obsessed with the sport. On a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, some of Silicon … Read more

ChatGPT is on its way to becoming a virtual doctor, lawyer, and business analyst. Here’s a list of advanced exams the AI

ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI that uses generative artificial intelligence to create its own content. The bot has been used to generate essays and write exams, often passing, but making mistakes, too. Insider rounded up a list of the assignments, quizzes, and tests ChatGPT has passed. Wharton MBA Exam Wharton professor Christian Terwiesch … Read more

Elon Musk says his Twitter misadventure has only helped Tesla. Wall Street isn’t so sure.

Elon Musk said on Wednesday that his tweets are good marketing for Tesla. Wall Street analysts feel otherwise: They’re bullish on Tesla, but think Musk is too distracted. Musk’s tweets have gotten him in trouble with shareholders and the courts. Elon Musk made a much-awaited appearance at Tesla’s fourth quarter earnings call on Wednesday, after … Read more

TikTok General Counsel No Longer Oversees US Relations

(Bloomberg) — ByteDance Ltd.’s general counsel is no longer overseeing US government relations for TikTok, part of a shuffle to improve the company’s standing during intense national security scrutiny, according to people familiar with the matter. Most Read from Bloomberg TikTok has been in contact with US officials who oversee national security issues, trying to … Read more

Amazon will start charging Prime members up to $10 in delivery fees on grocery orders under $150

Amazon is adding delivery fees on all grocery orders under $150, the company announced Friday. “This service fee will help keep prices low in our online and physical grocery stores,” Amazon said on Friday. The company previously offered free delivery on all grocery orders over $50. Amazon is nixing free grocery delivery for Prime users … Read more

Goldman Sachs cut CEO David Solomon’s pay by 30% in 2022. He made only $25 million.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon took a salary cut in 2022, making just $25 million in compensation. His performance-based pay fell by about 30% from $35 million in 2021. Solomon’s annual base salary is $2 million, and he made $23 million in annual variable compensation. Goldman Sachs cut CEO David Solomon’s pay by about 30% … Read more

Amazon Will Start Charging Prime Members for US Grocery Orders of Less Than $150

(Bloomberg) — Inc. will start charging fees to online shoppers for grocery orders of less than $150, underscoring the challenging economics of getting food to shoppers’ doorsteps. Most Read from Bloomberg The new fees, which take effect Feb. 28, coincide with the company’s efforts to cut costs and adjust to slower growth in online … Read more

A Google engineer says survivors of the mass layoffs cried in meetings the day around 12,000 of their colleagues were cu

A Google engineer said survivors of the recent mass layoffs cried in meetings the day of the cull. Two engineers told Insider some remaining staff were worried about further job cuts. Google is now “just another big company,” one said. Some Google employees who survived the recent cull of around 12,000 staff cried during meetings … Read more