Don’t walk, run to buy this fall-themed viral pet brush (your cat will thank you)

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Kitties everywhere just can’t get enough of this brush. Treat them just in time for the fall season with this ‘paw-some’ product. (Source: iStock).

If you’re a cat lover and you spend any time on TikTok, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen this of an adorable kitty who just can’t get enough of this pumpkin-shaped. It’s perfect for the autumn and for keeping your four-legged friend well groomed as they shed their summer fur.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out why one shopper calls this product the in their five-star review:

“This brush is such a blessing! I have a cat that sheds terribly. […] But with this brush, it actually gets ALL the loose hair in just a few minutes’ time! […] I know this will be good for his health too, as he has had bad hairballs as well. It’s going to prevent those. On top of that, he seems to like the brushing. […]”

Keep reading to see why you should take advantage of the limited-time offer and grab this while it’s still 35% off.

Say goodbye to excess shedding and hairballs, and say hello to this adorable cat brush

Whether your pet has short, manageable hair or long fur that you simply cannot tame, you should be brushing them. You may think that will only remove loose hairs, but there’s so much more to gain from properly grooming your feline friends. Regularly brushing your cat’s fur will remove grease, dirt, dander and skin flakes in addition to the shedding fur. It’ll also stimulate their blood circulation, which does wonders for their skin.

Not only are there plenty of benefits that come with , but neglecting this vital part of pet care can result in uncomfortably tangled fur, and the dreaded hairballs, which are uncomfortable to watch and a pain to clean up.

enough to comfortably scratch those kitty itches without breaking the skin while staying sturdy enough to gently remove tangles and gather loose hairs. It’s sure to feel so good that your cat will think of this as a massage session, and they’ll come running when they see the brush in your hand.

One of the coolest things about is how easy it is to clean up after each use. Instead of pulling the wadded fur from the bed of bristles, simply push the button to retract the bristles and expel the hair in one easy step.

Seasonal grooming has never been so adorable

Usually, this costs around $20, but it’s currently on sale for 35% off, bringing the price down to around $13. So hurry on over to Amazon and purchase this adorable product before this sells out.

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