The 13 best early Black Friday deals you can get this Wednesday— save up to $300

This time of year has a happy, if crazy, pace to it. Holiday energy is in the air — and suddenly you realize you’re too busy to keep up with your to-do list, much less your to-buy list. We want to help. All you need is a two-minute break to cruise through the savings we’ve unearthed. Today’s include a popular at $20 off. How about a new at a $300 discount? Maybe a pair of sunglasses for $46 off? There’s a lot to explore. Let’s have a closer look at these , shall we?

$30$50Save $20

Snag this legendary slow cooker for a rock-bottom price right now!

The name is practically synonymous with slow cooking, and this 7-quart option is ready to make your time in the kitchen easier. It’s roomy enough to serve nine people or fit up to seven pounds of food, making it a great option for larger families. You can set it on high to get food ready fast or load it up early in the day and set it on low to have dinner ready when you want it.

“Never thought I really needed a big Crock-Pot but I am so glad I got one! Everything thing about this one is perfect! From ease of use to how easy it is to clean!” said a .

$1,145$1,445Save $300

A Peloton bike is never going to be cheap, but $300 off is nothing to sneeze at. This bike hooks you up to live-streaming workouts, a massive collection of pre-taped classes and more.

Take spin classes right from the comfort of your home with the — now $300 off! Enjoy an impressive 22-inch HD touchscreen where you can stream live and pre-recorded shows, play games, take strength-training classes and more. At four by two feet, the bike is relatively compact, so it won’t hog your floor space.

$94$140Save $46

These unisex sunglasses are inspired by Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarer sunglasses, but have a slightly larger frame.

Ready to upgrade your shades? This is an impressive $46 off right now! Enjoy lightweight frames in a classic design, along with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose from a range of colors.

“Feel great,” said a . “Not getting any other sunglasses than these ever again.”

$150$240Save $90

You get so much with this handy blending set, including a 72-ounce blending and food processing pitcher and extra large smoothie bowl maker.

There’s so much to love about this . For starters, it has a powerful 1600-watt blender to effortlessly work its way through whatever ingredients you throw at it — ice, raw veggies and more. The blending pitcher is a sizable 72 ounces, allowing you to whip up huge portions of smoothies, frozen drinks and soups at once. Need to chop ingredients or make some dough? Simply attach the food processor bowl and get to work. (And by “work,” we mean push a button.)

“Revolutionary game changer in the kitchen,” a raved. “OH HOW I LOVE THIS THING!!!! Previously I had a regular ole food processor and a high-end blender but this does both and my smoothies have never been more amazing. I love it so much.”

$40$65Save $25

These shoes have racked up more than 40,600 five-star reviews. They have a cushioned memory foam insert for extra padding on your feet, but they feel incredibly light.

Meet your new everyday sneaker. The has built up an army of fans (more than 40,600, to be exact) and manages to have that perfect combination of fashion and function. Choose from 12 different colors.

“They are so comfortable and go with everything,” said a . “As a special education teacher, I never know when I’ll have to take off running down the hall to assist with a student, so these are really great for work. They’re truly an everyday sneaker.”

$300$520Save $220

This smart TV features voice control, so you can use the power of your voice to adjust the volume, flip channels and more. Enjoy access to millions of your favorite shows and movies.

This smart TV has a lot going for it. It features 4K Ultra HD, meaning you get four times the pixels of an average 1080p full HD screen, giving you brighter brights and deeper hues. It also effortlessly syncs up with your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu.

“There really isn’t anything bad to say about this TV,” said a . “Great picture, very easy to mount, and the setup was super easy. Since I already had Fire devices, it just transferred all the info to the new TV. The whole process with the update and such took less than 10 minutes.”

$35$49Save $14

Ready to upgrade your pots and pans? You’ll get 11 different gorgeous pieces with this cookware set — and they’re all nonstick.

If you’re dealing with clunky old pots and pans, consider this pretty set from . It features 11 pieces — a 2-quart saucepan with lid, 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, 8-inch and 10-inch frying pans, and five cooking utensils, including a slotted turner, slotted spoon, pasta fork, solid spoon and ladle. Basically, you can get everything you need, right here.

“These are simply the best! The color and quality is just lovely,” said a . “I am so glad I did not buy those way more expensive sets again only for them to wear out in a couple of years. This set is superbly crafted and top quality.”

$179$274Save $95

This bestselling robovac is extra slim, so it can easily glide under your couch and dressers. It also has laser sensors to avoid getting stuck on carpets, bumping into walls or the dreaded falling down stairs.

The is the bestselling robot vacuum on Amazon — and it’s $95 off! It has so much going for it, including a height under four inches, which lets it get into places where dust bunnies like to congregate. You can even set a schedule for your robovac to clean when you’re not around, or just ask Alexa or Google to do it. The vacuum will return to its dock to charge as needed and get back to finish the job once it’s powered up.

“This thing is LEGIIIIIT!!” said a f. “We named him Bob. I had my doubts. I am a true Roomba believer now after seeing my little Bob dominate the dirt and hair. Holy smokes the amount of junk Bob picked up! We vac and sweep all the time and it was as if I had never cleaned my house in years. Bob is amazing at picking up hair. We have a lot of hair from my wife and a dog that sheds. It’s been like that daily since we bought this thing.”

$49$70Save $21

Cozy, warm boots are so needed this time of year. This option from BearPaw is a hit with Amazon shoppers for its slipper-like feel.

Want to feel as comfy as possible while out and about? is here to help — and save you $21 in the process. These boots are just right for layering over leggings and feature a rubber outsole to help you get a grip, even on uneven territory. They also feature NeverWet protection to keep out rain and snow.

“Super comfy, super durable!” said a “Best and most warm boots I’ve ever bought!”

$80$160Save $80

Whip up perfectly precise cups of coffee every time with this Keurig. It’s $80 off, making it too good a deal to pass up.

Get ready to make your coffee-making experience even easier with the help of this – machine. It features MultiStream Technology, to evenly saturate your coffee grounds, delivering a more flavorful cup, each and every time. Select 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12ounce sizes to get that just-right cup.

“The flavor of any pod I’ve used thus far has been AMAZING!” raved a . “Even the hot chocolate for my son is great and I haven’t even tried the strong setting yet…. Oh, and you can remove the drip tray to fit in travel mugs!!! Great, right?”

$25$50Save $25

These headphones are bestsellers, offering up to 40 hours of play time (you can recharge in just two hours). Bluetooth 5 technology lets you stay connected. You can even take calls from these comfy cans.

headphones feature Pure Bass sound and have wireless Bluetooth 5.0 streaming. They have a whopping 40 hours of listening time on a single charge, and even sync up with Siri or Google.

“These are very good headphones, and I don’t just mean based on the price,” said a . “These are all-around great headphones! I had Beats for four years that just fell apart. Searched on a budget and decided on these, and I don’t feel like I am sacrificing. Very comfortable. Not tight on my head at all.”

$175$275Save $100

This adjustable weight dumbbell gives you a massive range of 5 to 52.5 pounds, allowing you to do a lot with a little. A simple toggle system makes it easy to switch up the weights during your workout.

Beef up your home gym set-up with this massively popular . The weight easily adjusts in 2.5-pound increments to let you get specific. It’s essentially 15 sets in one, saving you time and money. It all fits neatly into a holding tray that keeps unused weights from rolling around.

“Easy to operate right out of the box. It’s all fairly self explanatory,” said a . “There are two knobs, one on each end of the dumbbell. You turn the knobs to the desired weight setting and lift straight up on the dumbbell. That’s it. You don’t need to try to figure out any weight plate combinations in your head. You just turn the knobs on each end to the desired weight.”

$100$150Save $50

This Fitbit is super easy to read, with a screen twice as bright as the previous iteration. A seven-day battery life allows you and this device to be constant companions, attached at the wrist.

On top of the basic fitness tracker features (like a step and calorie counter), the offers heart rate readings and even skin temperature measurements. What makes it stand out is that it’s got a stress management function that can show your body’s response to stress and provide mindfulness sessions to help regulate spikes.

“Great features, bright screen and good outdoor visibility,” says “Light in weight, looks great on both sport and professional outfits… .”

If you have , you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. . (And by the way, those without still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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