This popular cordless stick vac just dropped to $80 for Black Friday

One of the most annoying parts of vacuuming is dealing with the cord. Unwinding it, finding a spot to plug it in, switching from room to room, moving it so you can vacuum, tripping over it, yelling at it, winding it up again. (At least, that’s how it goes at my house.) Well, there’s marked down at that’s done away with cord-related mayhem once and for all! It’s powerful, lightweight, converts to a mini handheld and is only $80 right now (was $130).

$80$130Save $50

No more cords! Simply hook it up to the detachable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery to recharge. The vacuum includes a HEPA filter, a washable stainless steel filter and 3 suction modes for custom cleaning.

This mighty yet little Iwoly cordless vac can clean for up to 35 minutes before it needs a charge. Use it as a stick or a handheld — it’s even got a detachable brush for cleaning your bed, drapes, couch, and the like. The stainless steel filter is washable, which helps keep suction strong, while the HEPA filter traps fine dust. And that $50 discount is nothing to sneeze at either!

A breeze to use

Lightweight and cordless, this thing makes cleanup a cinch, according to fans on Amazon. Dare they say, fun?

“So fun and easy!” . “I can’t stress how annoying it is dragging around a cord…Never had a cordless before. Just want things to be easier around the house and this vacuum delivered just that…Literally has made my life easier. And yes, works better on my carpeted bedroom than my full-size corded vacuum.”

“How have I lived without this?” . “We love this vacuum. It works great, is lightweight and so easy to use. I find myself grabbing every evening and using it, because it’s fun. I haven’t picked up a broom since I got this. I use it on my hardwood, tile and on my area rugs. My daughter was visiting and she kept using it also — I know what she is getting for Christmas this year!”

Cleans like a pro

One of the 1,400+ five-star fans compared to the pricey (current price: $412).

“Stacks up pretty well against the Dyson,” . “We’ve got fur. This vac does a nice job on both hard floors and fabrics/rugs…Ease of use: right up there with the Dyson. Both are very lightweight and maneuverable. Love that this one has lights on the front. Makes it easier to see the dust and fur that blends in. Canister/capacity: This is where I strongly prefer this one over the Dyson. The canister is a little bigger and doesn’t have to be emptied quite as much.”

: “This vacuum is amazing!!! Definitely exceeded my expectations, especially for the price! I would totally compare it to the Dyson and is almost exactly the same! My house is mostly hardwood with some area rugs. I will say, it does better on the floors than the rugs. If you have mostly carpet in your home it may not work as well. The battery…lasts long enough for me to do at least 3/4 of my house, sometimes the whole thing!”

“Exceptional,” . “It is like other stick vacuums I’ve had with the way it’s built and the way it moves. The difference is it has twice the power….It gets up everything including cat hair and litter box debris. And it was actually cheaper than others I’ve had. Can’t go wrong with this!”

“The suction is hard core,” , who included video and images as evidence.

Cleans up nice, too

The vacuum itself is also easy to empty and clean, which fans love.

: “Practically perfect vacuum!!! This vacuum is a beast! It has great suction, is very lightweight, is easy to maneuver and even easier to clean! I can do my entire house with no loss of power or suction. In addition, it’s pretty to look at!”

With this now priced at just $80 (was $130), you may be left wondering, What’s not to love? Well, nothing, according to : “Great battery, suction power, and lightweight. My days of lugging around a giant vacuum and tripping over the cord are done! This vacuum cleans everything with only one pass over, and it is very easy to empty and clean the filter. I also love how it can be adjusted for any length or shape you need, and works for everything you’ll ever clean.”

$80$130Save $50

No more cords! Simply hook it up to the detachable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery to recharge. The vacuum includes a HEPA filter, a washable stainless steel filter and 3 suction modes for custom cleaning.

If you have , you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. . (And by the way, those without still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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