Today only! Save 50% on Oral-B electric toothbrushes for Black Friday

Keeping your teeth sparkly clean isn’t a one-and-done kind of thing — it requires routine maintenance and careful brushing on a regular basis. And, while you can use a regular old manual toothbrush, plenty of people find it’s easier to get a deep clean with an electric brush. Of course, those high-powered devices cost money. Well, it’s time to smile! For Black Friday only, Amazon has slashed prices on up to 50%! Now’s your chance to get on the powered toothbrush train, at a significant discount. Don’t miss these deals — just like the day itself, this sale won’t last forever!

$100$200Save $100

Want to really max out your brushing time? The Oral-B Genius X Limited uses artificial intelligence that’s studied thousands of human brushing behaviors to instantly recognize — and tweak — your brushing style.

You’ll get daily personalized coaching to make sure you cover all areas of your mouth evenly, giving the right amount of pressure in the process. The brush even connects to your smartphone, so you can get a report on how well you’re doing. You’ll get a rechargeable handle, one brush head and a travel case in a , or color — your choice!

“I’ve owned an old Oral-B toothbrush for 17 years, but finally upgraded to this model suggested by my dental hygienist. And now I can see how far these electric toothbrushes have advanced,” a said. “The oral-B Genius is incredible, an improvement in every way, and I now wish that I’d upgraded sooner, as this is clearly an advancement I didn’t anticipate. I know that this toothbrush has many new bells and whistles, but the bottom line is that my teeth have never been cleaner.”

“Feels like I just left the dentist. I absolutely love it. My teeth look as white as after a dentist cleaning. I have tried other electric toothbrushes in the past. This is by far my favorite!”

$50$100Save $50

The Oral-B Pro Smartseries Electric Toothbrush features a 360 SmartRing which comes equipped with a timer and pressure sensor that visibly alerts you when you need to ease up on your gums.

You can also link your toothbrush to the Oral-B app using Bluetooth to get real-time feedback on your brushing habits. The set features five pieces, including a handle, charger, brush head, refill stand and a travel case so you can easily take your toothbrush with you on vacation.

“I’ve usually been a meticulous brusher but this toothbrush works wayyyyy better and it’s easier and more efficient I think to use vs a standard toothbrush to get that complete clean feeling,” . “My teeth literally feel like I had a professional cleaning.”

$120$220Save $100

This brush offers up specialized pressure detection that signals red when you brush too hard and green when things are just right, and features a display screen to motivate you and let you customize your brushing experience.

Want to really splash out on an electric toothbrush? The s basically the Cadillac of powered toothbrushes, and does everything short of brushing for you. A dentist-inspired round brush with twisted bristles reach all areas of your mouth, while live coaching helps you get that just-right clean. Pick a or theme — they’re both marked down!

“THE BEST CLEAN EVER!! With the iO, my teeth feel really clean,” a said.

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Originally published November 25, 2022, 8:10 AM

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