Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew are the most unpopular senior royals, poll shows

The last few months have been a dramatic and emotional time for the .

shook up the foundations of the family, with Charles’s accession to the throne heralding a new era.

In recent weeks, the latest series of has once again shone an unwanted spotlight onto the turbulent marriage of Charles and Diana, while the and Prince Harry’s dip in popularity as he builds a new life in the US have also brought fresh turmoil.

Now, has revealed the British public’s favourite members of the Royal Family, following the death of the Queen.

The poll found Prince William to be the most popular royal, while Prince Andrew is the least popular. (YouGov)

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 22: Prince William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales attend the Ceremonial Welcome at Horse Guards Parade for President Cyril Ramaphosa on day 1 of his State Visit to the United Kingdom on November 22, 2022 in London, England. This is the first State Visit hosted by the UK with King Charles III as monarch, and the first state visit here by a South African leader since 2010. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Andrew came out as the least popular member of the Royal Family, with 85% of respondents holding a negative view of him – and just 13% holding a positive view.

Meghan and Harry are the next two most unpopular with the public, with 60% holding a negative view of Meghan and over half (52%) seeing Harry in a negative light.

This stands in stark contrast to the couple’s popularity from just a few years ago, when one poll found Harry to be second in popularity with Britons to the Queen, with 71% holding a positive view of him – compared to 39% in the latest poll.

The also gave Meghan a 50% popularity rating, compared to 28% now.

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Elsewhere in the poll, that was taken after the latest series of The Crown was aired on Netflix, Princess Diana was found to be more popular (72%) than King Charles (67%).

Out of those who thought of Diana positively, over a third (34%) held a “very positive” view of her.

The most popular royal is Prince William, who holds an 81% popularity rating, while his wife, the Princess of Wales, is in second place, with 75% holding a positive view of her.

The poll found that 60% have a favourable opinion of the institution of the monarchy in general – but just 20% said they had a “very positive” view.

Princess Diana proved to be more popular than King Charles in the poll. (PA/Alamy)

King Charles was more popular with older age groups. (Getty Images)

Charles’s popularity was highest with the 65+ age group (79%) – but his popularity waned in the younger groups, with just 37% of 18-24 year olds holding a positive view of him overall.

The Crown has reignited the interest in the marriage of Charles and Diana, with one storyline showing Charles cutting short a holiday with Diana to host a secret meeting with then-prime minister Sir John Major at Highgrove in 1991 in which they discuss potentially ousting the Queen.

It also covers storylines including Martin Bashir’s controversial Panorama interview with Diana and the subsequent media storm it created.

An advertising billboard promoting series 5 of Netflix's 'The Crown' which is now airing on demand, shows the main characters of the British royal family - and featuring the worsening relationship between the then-Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, on 16th November 2022, in London, England. (Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images)

However, for the fifth series of The Crown, saying the production is a “fictional dramatisation” and “inspired by real events”.

This followed Major as a “barrel-load of nonsense” and “malicious fiction”.

The royals are set to face fresh turmoil when .

Details have been kept under wraps over what will be seen in the series, with much of it filmed before the Queen’s death in September.

Harry and Meghan's upcoming docuseries may bring further unwanted attention to the Royal Family. (AP)

The series will air just weeks before Harry’s book, Spare, is released, which will detail his “difficult decision to change his destiny and start a new life elsewhere”, .

King Charles has signalled there is no way back into public royal life for Andrew and Harry after extending his list of Counsellors of State, those who can deputise for the monarch if he is overseas on an official trip or ill.

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