Jennifer Lopez says she almost fell off a cliff while filming ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and Josh Duhamel had to save her

The cast of “Shotgun Wedding” appeared in a BuzzFeed Celeb video shared on Friday. Jennifer Lopez recalled almost falling off a cliff while filming a scene with Josh Duhamel.  Lopez said that during a rehearsed stunt her dress got caught in a wheel and Duhamel pulled her to safety. Jennifer Lopez said she nearly fell … Read more

Fox News journalist back on air after almost dying in Ukraine: ‘I’ve got one leg, I’ve got no feet, I see through one ey

Fox News’ Benjamin Hall returned to the airwaves after surviving a devastating attack in Ukraine. Hall lost an eye and a leg in a missile strike that killed two of his colleagues. He described his narrow escape and his determination to get home and get back to work. A Fox News reporter who was severely … Read more

Chip glut batters semiconductor industry as Intel shares lose almost all their 2023 gains after dismal earnings

The cooling of the semiconductor market is happening faster—and proving colder—than companies might have expected, as chip firms across the board face a tougher market due to a combination of excess inventory at retailers and a cooling market for consumer electronics. The latest company to feel the chill is , which fourth-quarter revenue of $14 … Read more

Gerard Butler Recalls How He ‘Almost Killed’ Hilary Swank While Filming P.S. I Love You

is recalling the moment when he “almost killed” on the set of . While Tuesday, the actor, 53, revealed to host that he injured Swank, 48, while the pair were working on a scene in the 2007 film where he danced “like an idiot” in boxer shorts and a pair of suspenders. Detailing that his … Read more

‘You almost need a bib’: Paczki stuffed full of tradition

Beatrice Fox’s eyes widened as she got her first glimpse of the plump pastry on her plate. “Look at that Nutella oozing out,” said Fox, 8, marvelling at her paczki, a traditional filled Polish doughnut dusted with powdered sugar. A few large bites later came the verdict. “Delicious,” Fox sighed happily. Sounds of delight filled … Read more

There’s almost no separation in Super Bowl odds among NFL’s final 4 teams

Usually when the NFL reaches the conference championship round there’s either a team or two that are clearly better than the rest, or one team that probably doesn’t belong. Not this postseason. All four teams have a good shot at winning it all, shown by one of the smallest gaps from the Super Bowl favorite … Read more

Brandon Belt’s cruel joke on almost signing with Dodgers after Giants exit

This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. originally appeared on If there’s anything with the only remaining player from the 2012 and 2014 World Series title teams, it’s having that player sign with their rival . After a long, chaotic free agency process, Brandon Belt explained how close he was to trading … Read more

Time is almost up to enroll in California health insurance. Here’s how to get coverage

The deadline to enroll in California’s state-run health insurance marketplace, , is coming soon. Though open enrollment has ended in most of the U.S., Californians have until Jan. 31 to select medical coverage starting Feb. 1. Covered California is a free service that helps individuals find brand-name health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable … Read more

AirPods almost never go on sale, but you can snag them now for just $100 at Walmart!

AirPods are one of the most popular earbuds on the market, and for good reason! Have you ever tried them? If not, take it from us: They’re comfortable, have long battery life and produce fantastic sound quality. Oh, and you’ll never get a better chance to hear for yourself — right now, the are just … Read more

Twitter is being sued for almost $400,000 by a marketing company after being accused of not paying its fees

Twitter is being sued for $392,239 after being accused by a marketing firm of not paying its fees. The San Francisco-based agency said it had been providing merchandise to Twitter since June 2020. Elon Musk is trying to cut costs at Twitter and has reportedly left some bills unpaid. Twitter is being sued again after … Read more