SpaceX wants to put Starlink internet on rural school buses

Starlink satellite internet access has already spread to and , and now it might accompany your child on the way home from class. SpaceX told the FCC in a that it’s piloting Starlink aboard school buses in the rural US. The project would keep students connected during lengthy rides (over an hour in the pilot), … Read more

Elon Musk’s Starlink is planning to install its satellite internet service on some US school buses as part of a pilot pr

SpaceX is piloting a program to provide Starlink to school buses in some rural communities. On Tuesday, SpaceX sent a letter to the FCC urging it to approve funding for WiFi on school buses. In August, the FCC denied SpaceX a $866 million subsidy to provide its service in remote areas. SpaceX is piloting a … Read more

Florida, Texas escalate flights, buses to move migrants

EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) — Republican governors are escalating their partisan tactic of sending migrants to Democratic strongholds without advance warning, including a wealthy summer enclave in Massachusetts and to taunt leaders of immigrant-friendly “sanctuary” cities and stoke opposition to . The governors of Texas and Arizona have sent thousands of migrants on buses to New … Read more

Foreign dignitaries must share buses to travel to the Queen’s funeral

Foreign heads of state arriving for the Queen’s funeral must travel by bus en masse to Westminster Abbey, rather than using private cars, according to newly issued government guidance. The documents, seen by the Guardian, set out strict rules for the dozens of international presidents, kings, queens and prime ministers expected to attend the funeral, … Read more

Tyler James Williams remembers that ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ ads were on NYC buses when he was 12: ‘It was kind of trauma

is Entertainment’s video interview series exploring the impact of show business on the development and well-being of former child entertainers, triumphs to traumas. He’s only 29, but actor Tyler James Williams, one of the stars of ABC’s freshman hit sitcom Abbott Elementary, is a veteran of the entertainment biz. He was on Sesame Street by … Read more

I used a $29 Apple AirTag to track my luggage on 2 buses and a plane and I’ll never travel without one again

I bought a $29 to track my luggage while I traveled in July. My carry-on was unexpectedly “valet checked” on my Delta flight and knowing its location eased my anxiety. I’ll never take a flight without an AirTag again. For the sake of efficiency, I have never liked checking my luggage at the airport. And … Read more

Pentagon denies plea to help with migrant buses to Washington

The Pentagon has rejected a request from Washington DC’s mayor for help in dealing with thousands of undocumented migrants who have been transported to the city from border states. Arizona and Texas say the buses are being routed to the US capital and New York City to spread out the burden of unprecedented migration. New … Read more