Camila Cabello makes surprising, controversial ‘Voice’ decision: ‘I’m so disappointed in you’

As The Voice Season 22 Battle Rounds came to a close Tuesday, new coach Camila Cabello faced a decision that has daunted many of her experienced Voice predecessors: Should she pick a Battle winner based on past promise and future potential, or go with the moment and simply go with the superior singer in this … Read more

Camila Cabello’s awkward joke falls flat on ‘The Voice’: ‘This crowd hates me’

Camila Cabello has been doing a bang-up job as The Voice’s new coach, overseeing arguably the strongest team of this season. But she’s still working on her comic timing, especially when it comes to sparring with Blake Shelton the way past coaches Adam Levine or Kelly Clarkson used to. This led to an awkward — … Read more

Camila Cabello faces her toughest ‘Voice’ decision yet: ‘I’m going home!’

The Voice Season 22 Battle Rounds continued Tuesday, with new coach Camila Cabello facing her toughest moment yet. But this difficult situation was her own fault, since she’d made the baffling decision to pit her two most interesting contestants against each other. (I’d call this a rookie mistake, but even Blake has done this way … Read more

Camila Cabello reunites with her ‘boyfriend’ on ‘The Voice’: ‘I would have broken up with him if he picked Gwen’

Last week, on the final night of The Voice Season 22’s Blind Auditions, mullet-headed dreamboat Jaeden Luke made coach Camila Cabello swoon with his sexy cover of “Make It With You” — but she couldn’t recruit him, because her team was already full. When she promised to steal him in the Battle Rounds if she … Read more

‘The Voice’ contestant flirts with Camila Cabello: ‘He is swiping right, right now!’

Monday featured the final Blind Auditions of The Voice Season 22 (followed immediately by the start of the Battle Rounds), and the teams were filling up fast. So, by the time 22-year-old soft-spoken soft-rocker Jaeden Luke showed up to croon Bread’s “Make It With You,” Gwen Stefani’s team was full, and she was “devastated” that … Read more

‘Voice’ contestant awkwardly covers song by coach Camila Cabello’s ex: ‘Is that Shawn up there?’

“I was so excited when I heard that Camila was going to be a coach… but I had already chosen ‘Mercy’ by Shawn Mendes,” 29-year-old contestant Tanner Howe sheepishly explained at the top of Tuesday’s The Voice episode — right before he went onstage, in front of new panelist Camila Cabello, to audition with her … Read more

Camila Cabello on how Harry Styles crush inspired her to try out for ‘The X Factor’: ‘I thought that… we would fall in l

Camila Cabello has only been a coach on The Voice for a week, and already there’s an unofficial Season 22 drinking game: Take a sip every time she mentions that she once competed “on another singing competition.” Actually, on second thought, don’t do that — if you did, you’d probably have a case of severe … Read more

Camila Cabello brings her X-factor to ‘The Voice’ as the new coach to beat

Some of the best coaches in the history of The Voice have been talent competition alumni themselves, like American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Now, with Kelly taking time off the show after eight consecutive seasons, another superstar with a singing-competition background is filling her red chair: Camila Cabello, who famously got her start … Read more

Camila Cabello won’t let impostor syndrome stand in her way: ‘I am absolutely killing it’

continues to be transparent about her mental health. The “Bam Bam” singer recently discussed battling impostor syndrome ahead of her debut as a judge on  Season 22. The 25 year old told , “I do get a little bit of impostor syndrome sometimes. I do want to do right by the contestants and sometimes I’m … Read more

Camila Cabello Reflects on Fifth Harmony’s ‘Wild Ride’ After 10th Anniversary with Throwback Photo

Anthony Harvey/Getty Fifth Harmony in 2016 is reminiscing on her time as a member of On Thursday — one day after the former girl group celebrated the 10th anniversary of their July 27, 2012 formation on The X Factor — Cabello paid tribute to her former bandmates on social media and wished them “love and … Read more