Tucker Carlson Is Furious Someone Called His Son A Nepotism Baby

Fox News host is raging at the suggestion that his son, 25-year-old Buckley Carlson, could be benefiting from nepotism. According to a , Carlson lashed out Rep. (R-Minn.) after an anonymous source that Emmer’s potential rival for GOP leadership positions, Rep. (R-Ind.), hired Buckley Carlson as his communications director in an effort to “be liked … Read more

Fox News Cut Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Comments and Bizarre Rants From Tucker Carlson Interview

Fox News cut Kanye West anti-Semitic comments and several bizarre rants including statements about the COVID-19 vaccination and Planned Parenthood from a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Vice Tuesday. “I’d prefer my kids knew Hanukkah than Kwanzaa, at least it would come with some financial engineering,” the artist who goes as Ye Carlson in one … Read more

Kanye West Makes Anti-Semitic Claims & Slams Planned Parenthood in Unaired Footage From Tucker Carlson Interview

sat down for a bombshell two-part interview with Tucker Carlson last week, and on Tuesday (Oct. 11), even footage the controversial sit-down came to light. In one clip that Fox News left on the cutting-room floor, shared by , the rapper reveals that he was vaccinated when questioned by Carlson about the COVID-19 pandemic and … Read more

Kanye West defends pro-life stance to Tucker Carlson: ‘I perform for an audience of 1 and that is God’

It’s been a whirlwind week for . After stirring controversy with Monday’s Yeezy fashion show, where he and models sported “” shirts, the 45-year-old rapper sat down with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson where he sounded off on a number of hot-button issues, including abortion. “You just came Paris Fashion Week, you just landed and … Read more

John Oliver claims Ron DeSantis flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard was inspired by Tucker Carlson

On , Sunday, called out Florida Governor for to the affluent in Massachusetts without giving authorities prior notice. Oliver believes the stunt may have been inspired by opinion host , who recently doing such a thing. “If this seems like a stunt made for Fox News, you are absolutely right,” Oliver said. “But it also … Read more

Country singer Maren Morris raises $100K for trans youths after Tucker Carlson insult

Country singer Maren Morris raised than $100,000 for transgender rights after Fox News host Tucker Carlson called her a “lunatic country music person” on his show last week. Carlson made the comment in response to Morris’ criticism of anti-transgender remarks made last month by Brittany Aldean, the wife of country star Jason Aldean. On Aug. … Read more

Maren Morris Raises $100K for Trans Nonprofits with Merch of Tucker Carlson’s ‘Lunatic’ Dig

Rich Polk/Getty for Politicon; Barry Brecheisen/Getty has raised than $100,000 since launching a T-shirt line to benefit amid her feud with Brittany Aldean. The Grammy Award winner, 32, released the shirts benefitting the and after appeared on ‘s Fox News show amid . “*ATTN LUNATICS* New shirt in the shop. All proceeds will be split … Read more

Tucker Carlson cuts into live Biden speech in an attempt to show mental decline but it backfires

On , Thursday, opened the show referencing a recent highlighting how the administration allegedly pressured the FDA to rush the vaccines. Carlson pretended to blame the former president for any perceived side effects, in this case, mental decline. But Carlson was actually still blaming Democrats for supporting use of the vaccines, and was just trying … Read more

Tucker Carlson Is Clearly Still Mad About the Time Jon Stewart Humiliated Him on CNN (Video)

Anyone wondering if Tucker Carlson is still nursing hurt feelings about the time Jon Stewart absolutely humiliated him on CNN and, almost certainly, led to his being fired by the network months later, you now have an answer. And the answer is, almost certainly. The proof came Thursday on his Fox News Show when Carlson, … Read more

Fox News star Tucker Carlson flirts with presidential run in Iowa speech

Tucker Carlson, the top-rated Fox News host who has built a following pushing conspiracy theories and lighting into the culture wars, on Friday flirted with a presidential run in his speech to a large gathering of Christian conservative voters in Des Moines, Iowa. Carlson used the event to blast transgender athletes, high energy prices (and … Read more