The best Chromebooks you can buy

Chromebooks once had a reputation for being cheap and limited, but that hasn’t been true for a while now. The combination of years worth of software updates and laptop manufacturers making more powerful and better-built Chromebooks means there are a ton of good Chrome OS machines that work well as everyday drivers. Of course, there … Read more

Google Photos for Chromebooks is getting a video editor and movie maker

Later this year, Google Photos is going to get a significant update that has the distinction of first arriving on Chromebooks. According to a Google blog post, Google Photos will get a new movie editor and video editing features this fall as part of an update to Chrome OS. From the sound of things, it’ll … Read more

Denmark bans Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools over data transfer risks

Denmark is effectively banning Google’s services in schools, after officials in the municipality of Helsingør were last year to carry out a risk assessment around the processing of personal data by Google. In a , Denmark’s data protection agency, Datatilsynet, revealed that data processing involving students using — which includes Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and … Read more

Google’s tool to turn old laptops into Chromebooks is now widely available

Earlier this year, Google , a tool that lets anyone take an old Windows or Mac laptop and give it new life by installing Chrome OS. After launching ChromeOS Flex in “early access,” Google now says that Flex is ready to “scale broadly” to more Macs and PCs. The basics remain the same. You can … Read more

Google makes it easier for your stuff to sync between Android phones and Chromebooks

is rolling out version 103, which includes features that will make it easier for users to share things between and devices. For one thing, as the company , Phone Hub is getting an upgrade. From your Chromebook, you’ll instantly be able to access the latest photos you took with your phone, even when you’re offline. … Read more