Inflation is so bad in Zimbabwe that the country is now issuing gold coins to its citizens

As a global inflationary wave continues to send costs soaring for everything from fuel to groceries, some governments are getting creative in reining in prices. Zimbabwe, a country of less than 15 million people in southern Africa, will begin issuing gold coins to its citizens as a hedge against inflation later this month, the country’s … Read more

Zimbabwe Sells Gold Coins to Ease US Dollar in High Demand

(Bloomberg) — Zimbabwe’s central bank plans to sell gold coins to the public from July 25 as a store of value to stabilize the nation’s tumbling currency and offer an alternative to the US dollar. Most Read from Bloomberg The one-troy-ounce gold coins will be called Mosi oa-Tunya Gold Coin, Governor John Mangudya said. The … Read more

What are gaming coins? Iheart U

There has long been a strong overlap between crypto advocates and gamers, and gaming coins further bridge the two. With gaming coins, players can convert time spent gaming into hard-earned cryptocurrency. The value of gaming coins may fluctuate based on the supply in circulation, security of the coin, and the number of game experiences where … Read more