Undercover with Russia’s fake arms dealers

Russian state TV claims Ukrainians are selling US-donated weapons on the dark web. The BBC investigated one such marketplace, spoke undercover to those apparently selling weapons, and gathered evidence that suggests the adverts for weapons are fake. “Ukrops [a derogatory Russian slang term used to refer to Ukrainians] are selling Javelins on the darknet. The … Read more

Options Dealers Draw Line in Sand for S&P 500 Around 3,900

(Bloomberg) — Traders watching price action in stocks might have noticed that the S&P 500 has slid toward the 3,900 level three different times Thursday, before holding its ground. The resilience can be attributed to Friday’s $3.2 trillion option expiration, one theory holds. Most Read from Bloomberg As of midday, roughly 13,000 puts expiring Friday … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover’s battle to stop dealers selling in China

is battling to stop car dealers sending its cars to China and other hugely lucrative markets, which is compounding shortages in the west and widening price gaps globally. Much like many higher-end car makers, the automotive giant has strict rules for dealers: if they do not stick to their own markets, they face fines or … Read more