‘Worldschooling’ is ‘like homeschooling, without the home.’ Meet some families who are educating their kids through trav

Back-to-school season, for Andi Almond and her family, has looked very different than for most kids in their home state of Colorado. That’s because when the other parents were sending their teens and tweens off to a new year of classes in late August, the Almonds were in Zimbabwe, watching elephants and giraffes romp through … Read more

This massage therapist was sexually harassed at work. Now, she’s educating others on how to protect themselves.

When became a licensed massage therapist in 2019, she expected that she’d feel fulfilled by her goal to help people. What she didn’t expect was sexual harassment, which she says began almost instantly. “The sexual harassment that I experienced actually bombarded me the first month of getting licensed,” Fleming tells Iheart Life. “The second that … Read more

YouTube to show ads educating users about fake news

YouTube plans to show adverts that educate people about disinformation techniques, following a successful experiment by Cambridge University. Researchers found the videos improved people’s ability to recognise manipulative content. They will be shown in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland to combat fake news about Ukrainian refugees. Google said the “exciting” findings showed how social … Read more

How TikTok’s ‘Migraine Babe’ is educating others about the debilitating disorder: ‘There’s been such a stigma’

is one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders, commonly lumped together with traditional headaches — a harmful generalization that oversimplifies how debilitating migraine attacks can be. “When I was in my early 20s, the idea of the life that I was going to have for me was very different than it is today,” TikTok’s resident … Read more

Web3 artist Latashá on educating creators about crypto’s ebbs and flows

Despite all the controversy surrounding the crypto world, one obvious bright spot of blockchain technology has been its ability to support creators and artists in monetizing their work. Rapper and visual artist , our guest on the latest episode of the podcast, is a living embodiment of web3’s potential to support independent artists. She minted … Read more