Chris Evert says fame made her feel ‘a little bit entitled’ in her relationships

Tennis legend Chris Evert is opening up about her diagnosis and why her success as an athlete left her “entitled,” to the detriment of her personal relationships. In a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the 67-year-old sports star explained how finding “fame at a young age” affected her sense of self and, ultimately, her … Read more

Hernández: Beneath the tears, Freddie Freeman plays the role of entitled athlete perfectly

Just when couldn’t get any more nauseating, it somehow did. The ’ new first baseman went into hiding on Thursday before the opening game of a four-game series against the San Diego Padres. The story of won’t die because the image-conscious part of him is determined to rewrite history, to continue playing the victim revealing … Read more

McDonald’s worker praised for kicking ‘entitled’ customer out of drive-thru

A video of a McDonald’s employee kicking a man out of a drive-thru has gone viral, but . TikToker shared clips of a McDonald’s employee berating a customer at a drive-thru window for repeatedly asking workers to remake his drink. Two versions of the video were posted online – the first being 37 seconds long, … Read more

Supreme Court: Schools offering religious instruction may be entitled to state tuition aid

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Tuesday shot down a state prohibition on using , the latest case in which the high court has permitted taxpayer funds to be used for religious purposes. At issue was an unusual program in Maine that provides . The state allows parents in that situation to use the money that would have … Read more