Early Prime Day deals: Over 75,000 Amazon shoppers love this genius Wi-Fi extender — and it’s less than $20!

Hunkering down with the AC during these hot summer days? Your home’s Wi-Fi network might be getting stretched mighty thin, and weak in places where you need it most. But there’s a solution to your Wi-Fi woes: The . And right now it’s part of Amazon’s early Prime Day deals for just $16! It’s so … Read more

Early Prime Day 2022 Wi-Fi extender deals just dropped — plus more Amazon sales today

Good, reliable internet is crucial to allow you to do whatever you need to online, whether it’s working from home or shopping for online deals. But, if your Wi-Fi is sub-par or has a poor range, surfing the web at a snail’s pace can be torturous. Luckily, Amazon is here with an early Prime Day … Read more