Stock market: 2022 is exposing ‘freaky post-QE financial system plumbing,’ BofA says

The third quarter is a officially a wrap, and the stock market saw the Dow () post its worst September performance in two decades — down nearly 2800 points, or 8.9% for the month — while the S&P 500 () and Nasdaq Composite () are now for the first time since the Global Financial Crisis. … Read more

A grinning face turns terrifying in first freaky trailer for new horror film ‘Smile’

There’s something about a smile in the right context that can scare the hell out of you. Just ask  fans. It’s the twist, the idea that something so outwardly benevolent could actually be harmful, that makes us fear it in everything creepy clowns to strangers doing it out of context. In the right light, at the … Read more