David Harbour’s spooky spirit goes viral, scares Jennifer Coolidge in We Have a Ghost trailer

Christopher Landon is best known for directing horror movies like 2014’s Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, 2017’s , and 2020’s Freaky. Landon stays in the supernatural zone for his new Netflix movie We Have a Ghost, (launching Feb. 24) but deploys a suitable-for-all-ages vibe. “We Have a Ghost is about a slightly dysfunctional family that … Read more

Attack the Block director Joe Cornish teases the ghost-infested London of Netflix show Lockwood & Co.

and director Joe Cornish is happy to admit that his projects tend to have a couple of things in common. “Young people fighting fantasy creatures with swords seems to have become slightly my niche,” says the Brit with a laugh. “Maybe not consciously, but that seems to have happened by some sort of peculiar osmosis.” … Read more

Campbell’s new Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle soup is so spicy, you have to sign a waiver to try it. Here’s how it really t

There’s a spicy new addition to Campbell’s lineup of soups, but Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle won’t be hitting grocery store shelves. Instead, would-be taste-testers will have to sign a waiver and hope to be chosen for the opportunity. Starting Jan. 27 at 1 p.m. ET, spice enthusiasts can visit to enter for the chance to … Read more

Channing Tatum says he’s working on a Ghost remake that will ‘change’ the original

is taking his love for the classic movie romance with him as he forges a major Hollywood resurgence. The 42-year-old star revealed in a new interview that he’s eyeing a potential lead role in a remake of the 1990 romance that starred as the spirit of a murdered man who, through a psychic (), attempts … Read more

‘Spirited’ most fearsome ghost unmasked: The 7-foot-1 former NBA player under hood is ‘sweetest guy’

In every version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” you fear the deathly silent Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The horror is back In movie twist on Dickens’ tale, with the physically ghastly presence of the towering ghost. He’s not just fearsome, but legit huge played by 7-foot-1 former NBA player Loren Woods under the robes. … Read more

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord’ trailer shows off co-op VR gameplay

The Ghostbusters virtual reality game teased now has a full trailer. Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord comes to and in 2023. The trailer shows four Quest 2 users donning their headsets to battle dark forces descending on San Francisco. The in-engine (pre-alpha) footage follows the players using an arsenal of PKE Meters, Proton Packs … Read more

‘Judas’ is the first project from BioShock creator Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Games

Ghost Story Games has revealed its first title nearly six years after creator Ken Levine founded the studio. A trailer for Judas debuted at and while it’s not an actual BioShock game, it draws from that series’ art style. It’s also a first-person shooter in which it looks like you can wield elemental powers. You … Read more

Ghost Robotics fires back against ‘baseless’ Boston Dynamics lawsuit

A legal dispute over robotic patents is devolving into a war of words, as Ghost Robotics fires back against Boston Dynamics. The Philadelphia firm calls the suit both “obstructive and baseless” in a statement sent to TechCrunch. It notes, in part, Ghost’s statement, in which it refers to itself as “the number one supplier of … Read more

Colts finally give up on Andrew Luck ghost, while Packers need prayers and Patriots need to start Mac Jones

Welcome back to the Four Verts column! Teams are looking at themselves in the mirror at the halfway point of the season. The appear headed toward a rebuild, the need a win and the are messing around with and Bailey Zappe. Colts finally turning the page from the Andrew Luck saga The Colts finally did … Read more