Attack the Block director Joe Cornish teases the ghost-infested London of Netflix show Lockwood & Co.

and director Joe Cornish is happy to admit that his projects tend to have a couple of things in common. “Young people fighting fantasy creatures with swords seems to have become slightly my niche,” says the Brit with a laugh. “Maybe not consciously, but that seems to have happened by some sort of peculiar osmosis.” … Read more

Apple’s App store has become an ad-infested imitation of its former self, which is not good for iPhone users or develope

Apple used to carefully curate its App store, helping developers gain visibility and customers find what they needed. These days, ads have become intrusive and knock-off apps are cluttering up the user experience. In prioritizing revenue over serving its customers, Apple is becoming the very thing it used to mock. The App store is, sadly, … Read more

New York City Ranks High on List of America’s Most Rat-Infested Cities, but Avoids Top Spot

File: Getty rat New York City can breathe a big collective sigh of relief: they’re not America’s rattiest city. For the eighth consecutive year in a row, Chicago topped . The pest control company releases an annual list of cities with the most rats. Orkin determines its ranking of metro regions by the number of … Read more