EPA opens new office dedicated to environmental justice and civil rights

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designed to help marginalized communities deal with the extra burdens of pollution and climate change, has reported. The Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights will be staffed by 200 EPA employees located in the agency’s Washington head office and 10 regional bureaus. “The establishment of a … Read more

Big names do Bach’s Little Organ Book justice, plus the best of September’s classical concerts

Bach and Friends, various London venues ★★★★☆ The concert series Bach and Friends taking place in London churches and halls last weekend was the long-awaited result of what must be the most ambitious attempt ever to complete an unfinished masterwork. The work in question, the Orgelbüchlein (Little Organ Book) by the great J S Bach … Read more

RCMP ‘did their best’ in response to N.S. mass shooting: federal Justice Department

HALIFAX — The RCMP’s response to the 2020 shooting rampage that left 22 Nova Scotians dead was far from perfect, but police did their best, the federal Justice Department said Friday. During the final day of public proceedings at the federal-provincial inquiry into the mass shooting, Lori Ward, general counsel for the federal Department of … Read more

Justice Department officials want to take part in Epic v. Apple appeal

The Department of Justice has asked a US federal judge to participate in the upcoming between Epic and Apple, according to court documents seen by . The companies will return to court next month to argue over the of their 2020 antitrust case. The Justice Department filed a brief to enter the case at the … Read more

Lexington’s double standard: Social justice protesters arrested while drunk rioters go free.

As of Wednesday morning, the ridiculous remaining charges against the Black Lives Matter protesters in Lexington from the summer of 2020 have been dropped. It seems that was enough to convince prosecutors that it was indeed a waste of everyone’s time to continue this strange civic vendetta against the people who opened our eyes to … Read more

Victorian Liberal MP urges UN to investigate youth justice facilities over ‘serious breaches’ of human rights

Victorian Liberal MP Matt Bach has written to the United Nations subcommittee on the prevention of torture, urging them to investigate the “systematic” during an upcoming visit. The subcommittee is set to visit Australia from 16-27 October to inspect places of detention and examine the treatment of detainees. There is a bill currently before Victoria’s … Read more

The Guardian view on the barristers’ strike: justice is on their side

The lasting damage done to healthcare by a decade of unnecessary austerity became brutally apparent when Covid struck in 2020. The ability of the NHS to respond to its greatest challenge was by the legacy of years of cuts and the concurrent crisis in social care. Less thematised has been the disastrous impact of cuts … Read more

Whitey Bulger killing was ‘planned’ and took just 7 minutes, Justice Department says

The murder of James “Whitey” Bulger was planned “as soon as” the notorious mobster had arrived at the prison in West Virginia where he was found beaten to death, a Justice Department prosecutor said. The plot started with a phone call to the mother of Sean McKinnon, one of the men , the night before … Read more

War crimes in Ukraine may be unprecedented. So is the country’s push for swift justice.

Editor’s note: This story contains graphic images and descriptions. KHARKIV, Ukraine – Alexander Satanovskiy died during a game of dominoes. He and his friends gathered most evenings at a table in the playground at the foot of the apartment buildings where they all lived. A wooden structure sheltered their seats. On busy days, some players had to stand. After the war … Read more