What Just Happened?! by Marina Hyde review – words as a lethal weapon

At one point in this collection of her Guardian columns, Marina Hyde devises a little allegorical tableau in which Chris Grayling pummels “the pulped corpse of Satire” with a hammer. It was Grayling who as a minister bestowed a then wangled company. True, the career of such a nincompoop defies parody, but have our incompetent … Read more

The lethal rise of ‘subway surfing’: ‘If someone slips, it’s game over’

The video quickly went viral in June: a group of people dashing across the roof of a moving New York City J train. Captured from far off, the train can be seen about to cross the Williamsburg Bridge, with its 135-foot drop to the East River – yet the daredevils, dressed in black, leap from … Read more

Mac Miller Drug Dealer Sentenced to 17.5 Years for Lethal Fentanyl Sale

The top drug dealer convicted in the fatal fentanyl overdose of rapper was sentenced to 17 and a half years in federal prison Monday. The judge rejected his plea deal as too lenient after he continued to sell counterfeit oxycodone pills even after the rapper’s untimely demise in September 2018. Stephen Walter, 49, had agreed … Read more