Director Andrew Dominik blames ‘Blonde’ backlash on audiences wanting ‘to reinvent Marilyn Monroe as an empowered woman’

, the director of the controversial biopic Blonde, is speaking out about the backlash against the film. During an appearance at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, Dominik proclaimed that American audiences “hated the movie,” which starred as the iconic movie star. The Australian director claimed this was because the public strictly … Read more

‘SNL’ Skewers Andrew Dominik’s Negative Approach to Marilyn Monroe with ‘Blonde’ Sketch

The discourse surrounding Andrew Dominik’s “” has infiltrated pop culture so deeply that even “” has taken notice. A new sketch from this week’s episode mocked the film’s overwhelmingly negative approach to Marilyn Monroe’s life. Chloe Fineman plays the iconic star (technically, she plays Ana de Armas playing the iconic star) wearing the iconic pink … Read more

Emily Ratajkowski accuses Marilyn Monroe film ‘Blonde’ of ‘fetishizing female pain’

is calling out the new film, Blonde, for “fetishizing female pain.” The supermodel and actress, who admitted she has not yet seen the film starring as the iconic movie star, took to her TikTok account to criticize the film, and declared she’s kicking off her “Bitch Era 2022.” “So I’ve been hearing a lot about … Read more

Ana de Armas’ ‘Blonde’ Ambition: How She Channeled Marilyn Monroe’s Body and Soul for Netflix’s NC-17 Gamble

A few years back, needed to convince Netflix that she could be Marilyn Monroe. She was already the first choice of director Andrew Dominik, whose film “,” a surrealist vision of the life and death of the screen legend, had been reportedly cast with various leading ladies before alighting on de Armas, but “Knives Out” … Read more

Home and Away launches big Marilyn story with newcomer Heather

follow for UK viewers. Home and Away fans will get their first look at for Marilyn Chambers next week. The fan favourite is about to take centre stage as the long-running soap teases a mystery connection between her and newcomer Heather Fraser. In upcoming scenes on Channel 5, Marilyn’s friend Roo Stewart starts offering to … Read more

Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’: Breaking down previous movies and TV shows about the iconic star

Because has been so enad, so analyzed since her death in 1962, at the young age of 36, there have been countless projects about her life, many of them dramatizations that require an actress — or two — to attempt the iconic star’s je ne sais quoi. The many Marilyns have all tended to have … Read more

Review: Ana de Armas digs deep as Marilyn in brutal ‘Blonde’

What a dream it must be to be Marilyn Monroe, a starstruck assistant tells her. “Everyone would give their right arm to be you!” And we cringe, as we’ll do many times during Andrew Dominik’s brutal, bruising and often beautiful starring a heartbreaking Ana de Armas. This time, it’s because we already know that Norma … Read more

Marilyn Monroe’s estate defends ‘Blonde’ star Ana de Armas following criticism of her accent

Despite criticisms, Ana de Armas’s performance as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Netflix movie Blonde has already received a rave review the screen icon’s estate. “Marilyn Monroe is a singular Hollywood and pop culture icon that transcends generations and history,” Marc Rosen, president of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group, which owns the Marilyn Monroe estate, … Read more

Ana de Armas makes full transformation into Marilyn Monroe in 1st ‘Blonde’ trailer

is having a major Blonde moment. The official trailer for the Netflix film about Marilyn Monroe has dropped and shows the No Time to Die actress’s full transformation for the iconic role. The NC-17-rated film is based on Joyce Carol Oates’s bestselling novel and reimagines the life of Norma Jeane, looking at her public and … Read more

Kim Kardashian reacts to accusation she damaged Marilyn Monroe’s dress at Met Gala

Kim Kardashian is putting to rest any rumors that she damaged the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress she last month. The reality star and beauty mogul addressed the online chatter that the dress had missing crystals and damaged threads after she wore it. “No, and Ripley’s, we worked together so well,” she said on TODAY Tuesday. … Read more