Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew are the most unpopular senior royals, poll shows

The last few months have been a dramatic and emotional time for the . shook up the foundations of the family, with Charles’s accession to the throne heralding a new era. In recent weeks, the latest series of has once again shone an unwanted spotlight onto the turbulent marriage of Charles and Diana, while the … Read more

Meghan King Gives Update on New Boyfriend as She Reveals She Does Background Checks on All Her Dates

Steven Simione/FilmMagic Meghan King is getting candid about her dating life. The former star was a guest on the podcast — hosted by former — and while discussing how her family was catfished, King revealed she now always checks out the people she dates. “I am not kidding, I do background checks on every single person … Read more

Robert F Kennedy’s daughter Kerry explains why Harry and Meghan will receive prestigious human rights award

The president of the foundation has revealed why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be given a prestigious human rights award. Kerry Kennedy, who is the daughter of Robert and niece of John F Kennedy, said the for challenging the royal family’s “power structure”. She added that they took a “heroic stand” against “structural … Read more

‘The Crown’ star Olivia Williams addresses criticism of Meghan Markle: ‘You can’t overlook the race issue’

Olivia Williams says she believes the criticism that faces is rooted in racism. The actress, 54, who portrays in the just-released fifth season of The Crown, was asked if the intense criticism Bowles experienced during the earlier days of her relationship with had been transferred onto Markle in the present. According to Williams, race also … Read more

Meghan Trainor says relearning body positivity after giving birth was ‘the hardest thing I ever had to do’

is Iheart Life’s body image series, delving into the journeys of influential and inspiring figures as they explore what body confidence, body neutrality and self-love mean to them. was just 19 years old when she found mainstream success with her hit song, “All About That Bass.” Now, as a 28-year-old wife and mother, the pop … Read more

Meghan Markle says she’s still afraid of coming across as difficult: ‘I find myself cowering and tiptoeing into a room’

wants the world to know that she may be direct — but never difficult. In the latest episode of her podcast , the Duchess of Sussex, 41, welcomed guests Issa Rae and Ziwe to discuss their experiences challenging the “” trope — a toxic stereotype that mischaracterizes Black women as more hostile and ill-tempered than … Read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Go to This Drive-Thru So Often, the Staff Know Their Order

Fast food is hardly synonymous with royalty, but just revealed that she and Prince Harry are major fans of one particular burger brand. recently spoke with Meghan, covering a range of topics including the recent passing of , producing and Netflix with her husband, and their big move to California back in 2020. During the … Read more

Meghan Markle Spills The Royal Tea On Prince Harry’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

There are plenty of things we’d love to know about , but we have to admit that the list of their favorite fast food restaurants ranks pretty high when it comes to quenching our curiosity. Well, we’ve just been gifted with a nugget—or more appropriately, a cheeseburger—of intel thanks to . In a new interview … Read more

Meghan Markle Reveals If She’ll Ever Make A Return To Acting

left when she announced her engagement to ― and she recently confirmed that she’s not looking to return to the big screen for any roles anytime soon. unveiled its Power of Women cover with the Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday, alongside an accompanying interview where the royal was asked about a possible return to her … Read more

Meghan Markle says she and Prince Harry want to make a rom-com: ‘It doesn’t always have to be so serious’

opened up about her return to Hollywood, revealing in a new interview she never thought she’d be back after leaving Suits in 2018 to go marry Prince Harry. “I didn’t think I’d ever be in the entertainment industry again,” Markle explained to . The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would be stepping down … Read more