The Twitter office responsible for complying with European misinformation laws has been shut down after Elon Musk’s layo

Twitter has closed down its office in Brussels, the home of the EU, per the Financial Times. Its digital policy chiefs, who had been working to comply with new misinformation laws, left the company last week. The EU is now set to publish data which says Twitter is failing to combat disinformation. Twitter has closed … Read more

Stormy Daniels sets the record straight on Trump, plastic surgery and misinformation: ‘There’s just so much that people

is a Iheart Life series in which people get the chance to share how they live their best life — out loud and in color, without fear or regret — looking back at the past with a smile and embracing the future with excited anticipation. has become infamous for , but now the mother of … Read more

Ignore the analysts’ misinformation oil slick: Biden is making real progress on energy

Texas congressman and House Speaker Sam Rayburn famously quipped, “Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a skilled carpenter to build one.” That analogy which is especially apt when evaluating recent energy policies from the Biden administration, including the generally skeptical reaction from industry analysts to President Biden’s most . That reaction shows … Read more

Facebook Groups now include Reels and more anti-misinformation tools

Facebook is giving Groups a tune-up with new features, not to mention tools to ensure healthy discussions. Like it or not, are coming to Groups — members can share how-to guides, vacation recaps and other videos using the seemingly omnipresent format. You can also update your Group profile to share things you might have in … Read more

PayPal tells users it will fine them $2,500 for misinformation, then backtracks immediately

Next time you’re clicking through one of those impossibly long and impenetrable legal disclaimers to a company’s terms of service, it may be time to have a closer look. A new policy in PayPal’s fine print triggered a storm of outrage over apparent plans to impose, starting on Nov. 3, a hefty fine of $2,500 any … Read more

Protests lead to social media misinformation warning

West Midlands Police have asked people to be mindful of misinformation and rumour on social media after two protests took place. About 50 people gathered near a Hindu temple in Coventry on Thursday. Earlier, 150 people met in Smethwick which resulted in minor disorder. The reasons surrounding the protests are complex, police said, but added … Read more

Gen Z is increasingly using TikTok videos instead of Google search, but 1 in 5 of them contain misinformation, a new stu

A new study by a site that tracks online misinformation found that 1 in 5 videos on TikTok contain misinformation. The study found that TikTok often yields more partisan search results than Google. Gen Z users are increasingly turning to TikTok instead of Google as their primary search engine. TikTok is no longer just a … Read more

‘Bite-sized’ TikTok draws a Gen Z tired of Google. But misinformation remains rife.

When Ashley Storino wants a new pair of black boots or book recommendations, she knows what gets results – and it isn’t Google. No blue links for this 22-year-old digital marketer. Rather than wade through pages of search results, she , quickly scans video after video and checks the comments to make sure she can trust the content. Only … Read more

TikTok search results are reportedly swarming with misinformation

While TikTok is no stranger to , the problem might be worse than you think. As the AP , internet trust researchers at NewsGuard have a report claiming that almost 20 percent of sampled search results for major news topics included misinformation. The bogus claims covered subjects ranging from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through to … Read more

TikTok search results riddled with misinformation: Report

TikTok may be the platform of choice for catchy videos, but anyone using it to learn about COVID-19, or is likely to encounter , according to published Wednesday. Researchers at NewsGuard searched for content about prominent news topics on TikTok and say they found that nearly 1 in 5 of the videos automatically suggested by … Read more