How Jane Austen’s early Chinese translators were stumped by the oddities of 19th-century British cuisine

Jane Austen’s works are globally renowned, but they were unknown in China until 1935 when . Today, her novels are increasingly popular and have been translated into Chinese many times – notably there have been 60 different retranslations of Pride and Prejudice. Translators face the creative balancing act of remaining faithful to the source text … Read more

Michaela Onyenwere opens up about fertility planning, and the WNBA All-Star rankings have oddities

The last year of ‘s life has been a whirlwind. in the 2021 WNBA draft, and within weeks, she was in seafoam at Barclays Center, She earned her degree at UCLA, played overseas in Spain and now in year two of her professional career, she’s starting to plan a family. No, no, not like that. … Read more