The ‘Wall-E’ that never was: How ‘Planet of the Apes’ inspired the abandoned version of the 2008 Pixar hit

When Andrew Stanton started writing the 2008 Pixar favorite, Wall-E, he thought he had the perfect plot twist for his story about a little trash-compacting robot who goes on an awfully big intergalactic adventure. “I was born in 1965, so Planet of the Apes was the first big sci-fi epic I saw — long before … Read more

‘Elemental’ Trailer: Pixar Unveils an Eye-Popping New World Where Fire, Earth, Water and Air Co-Exist

is finally answering the long-awaited question: What if elements had feelings? The acclaimed studio has released the first trailer for its upcoming 27th feature “,” set to release next year. Directed by Peter Sohn, who helmed Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur,” “Elemental” is set in a world where the four classic elements — fire, earth, water … Read more

Amy Poehler, Pixar chiefs explain why they’re making ‘Inside Out’ sequel: ‘It’s been top secret’

The distinct possibility of a sequel has been hiding in plain sight this whole time. In the very final scene of Pixar’s Oscar-winning 2015 hit , after the young Riley has managed to endure her family’s cross-country relocation with the help of her personified emotions, comes this narration ’s Joy: “She has great new friends, … Read more

‘Inside Out’ Sequel Plans Confirmed By Pixar At D23

Disney’s today confirmed its plans for a sequel to its critically acclaimed animated film . The studio made the announcement during its showcase, spotlighting projects across its live-action and animated slates, with both the original’s director and its voice actor in attendance to tout the new project. Co-directed by Ronnie Del Carmen, Inside Out follows … Read more

Pixar is making a sequel to its 2015 fan-favorite hit ‘Inside Out’ nearly 10 years after the original. Here’s everything

“Inside Out” is getting a sequel in summer 2024, nearly a decade after the original. Pixar creative chief officer, Pete Docter, and star Amy Poehler announced “Inside Out 2” on Friday at Disney’s D23 Expo. The film will follow an aged up Riley as a teenager and will showcase new emotions. An “Inside Out” sequel … Read more

Inside Out 2 ! Pixar Announces Sequel to 2015 Movie About Emotions — with a Teenage Twist

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection Inside Out (2015) Things are about to get emotional again. Disney’s Pixar announced plans for a sequel to 2015’s Inside Out, which personified the many emotions inside a young girl’s head, as the original movie’s director Pete Docter and voice star made an appearance at D23 to celebrate … Read more

Pixar, Amy Poehler announce ‘Inside Out 2,’ and there is Joy at Disney D23

ANAHEIM, Calif. – is making a sequel to the animation studio announced Friday at D23, the Disney fan expo. Amy Poehler, who voiced the emotion Joy in the original 2015 film, revealed the news onstage with Pete Docter, who directed the first movie and is now head of Pixar “Ladies and gentlemen, we are making … Read more

All the upcoming Disney and Pixar movies and series showcased at D23 Expo

Grab yourself some popcorn because and have unveiled the upcoming lineup of movies and television series for the next few years. The studios presented an exciting look into their upcoming roster of animated and live-action family films, including , an sequel, the highly-anticipated live-action version of , and more, at Friday’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, … Read more

America Ferrera to Star in Pixar Sci-Fi Adventure ‘Elio’

will star in “Elio,” an upcoming science fiction animated movie set to be released by in spring 2024. The movie was announced during the Expo on Friday. “Elio” tells the story of the titular 11-year-old boy, who is struggling to fit in until he suddenly gets beamed up by aliens and is chosen to be … Read more