Denmark’s World Cup kit designed as protest against Qatar’s human rights record

Denmark’s new jerseys for the World Cup finals in have been designed in protest at the host nation’s human rights record, their kit manufacturers have announced. Danish sportswear company Hummelsport said it wanted to “send a duel message” when it unveiled Denmark’s shirts for Qatar 2022 on social media. Hummelsport said on Instagram: “With the … Read more

Invicta FC 49 fighter Helen Peralta takes shot at Disney in unorthodox weigh-in protest

“F*ck Disney” That’s the message (or two of them, rather) displayed at official weigh-ins Tuesday in Hinton, Okla. The method of getting her statement “across” was a bit unorthodox, as she crisscrossed tape with the message written on it – and then stuck them on her breasts. And apparently, it’s not the first time Peralta … Read more

Mahsa Amini: US impose sanctions on Iran’s morality police as protest over woman’s death continues

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran’s morality police and leaders of government agencies after the death of a woman in police custody sparked protests and worldwide condemnation. At least nine protesters and two security force officers have been killed in violent demonstrations since the weekend following . The morality police detained Miss Amini … Read more

Russians protest, flee country as Putin’s military mobilization begins; Blinken urges end to nuclear threats: Ukraine up

Russia’s partial military mobilization aimed at slowing Ukraine’s high-octane counteroffensive was in full swing Thursday: Conscripts answered summonses, schools were commandeered for recruit intake – and there was plenty of controversy. In the mountainous Siberian republic of Buryatia, 11 schools began doubling as administration buildings for draftees, the reported. Medical exams were waived unless the recruit raised an issue. … Read more

Japan man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe funeral

A Japanese man has set himself alight reportedly to protest at the state funeral for ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated in July. Hundreds of dignitaries from Japan and around the world are expected to attend the funeral on 27 September. On Wednesday, witnesses called police after spotting a man on fire near the … Read more

Protest planned in Cardiff for King Charles III’s visit to Wales

A protest against the monarchy is to take place on Friday during King Charles III’s first visit to Wales since ascending the throne. The silent demonstration will begin from 1pm at Cardiff Castle, organisers have said. The castle is one of three locations Charles will visit during his day-long tour of the capital, and where … Read more

Germany wins 2OT thriller but not until Lithuania protest denied at EuroBasket

COLOGNE, Germany (AP) — Lithuania unsuccessfully protested its double-overtime loss to Germany at the EuroBasket tournament Sunday, arguing that referees did not award it a free throw following a technical foul in regulation. FIBA denied the protest. That means it’s a German win – and a huge one for the hosts. scored 32 points, Dennis … Read more

Google Workers Protest $1.2 Billion Israeli Contract

(Bloomberg) — Google employees are ratcheting up pressure on the internet-search giant to abandon its artificial intelligence work with the Israeli government, planning public demonstrations to draw greater attention to the controversial cloud-computing contract. Most Read from Bloomberg A handful of current and former workers spoke on Wednesday alongside Palestinian rights activists in San Francisco … Read more

Google workers protest $1.2B Project Nimbus contract with Israeli military

A group of Palestinian, Jewish, Muslim and Arab Google employees are speaking out against the tech giant’s , a $1.2 billion contract involving Google, Amazon and the Israeli government and military. “We are proud that Google Cloud has been selected by the Israeli government to provide public cloud services to help digitally transform the country,” … Read more

‘Fast & Furious’ fan stunts lead L.A. residents to protest filming of next movie

In an otherwise quiet neighborhood in the Angeleno Heights area of Los Angeles, one intersection is marked by black circles on the pavement. It’s the site of Bob’s Market, the bodega made famous by an appearance in the original The movie in 2001. Residents are fed up by the movie’s fans, who flock to the … Read more