Fake text messages on the rise, but experts warn Australians most losses are from more sophisticated scams

Financial scams have become more sophisticated and easier to perpetrate, ballooning into a billion-dollar industry in Australia, experts have warned. Last year more than 239,000 scams worth $570m were reported to Scamwatch, but the organisation says the real number is much higher, as only about 13% of scams are reported. Investment scams remain the number … Read more

India’s numerous jobs scams show the depth of its unemployment crisis

Indians looking to escape the country’s chronic unemployment rut frequently fall prey to rackets. One such ring has reportedly conned people since 2020, making it one of India’s biggest job frauds in recent times. The success of such criminal syndicates is an indication of how bad the conditions are for job seekers in one of … Read more

‘Tis the season for holiday scams. Here’s how to avoid them

If you’re spending more this holiday season, you may miss extra charges on your credit card that you didn’t actually make. Police say it’s fairly common year-round, but happens more often this time of year. Irene Ahner has experienced it first-hand. Despite living on a farm in southwest Saskatchewan, she was recently charged for several … Read more

SMS scams rise despite success blocking sham phone calls

The scourge of SMS scams is proving a knotty problem for Australian telcos despite their success in reducing the number of scam phone calls people receive. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch says that between 1 January and 13 November this year, reports about phone scams decreased by 61% from 135,400 in 2021 to … Read more

‘Hurricane Ian’: Here come the scams. (And how to avoid them)

While Americans are opening their hearts and wallets to help victims of – which go toward providing food, shelter and care to those impacted by the devastating hurricane – fraudsters are playing on your emotions to swindle you. In fact, the FBI’s Tampa office has a warning about “scammers trying to use a natural disaster … Read more

US Treasury asks regulators to take more action against crypto scams

The Treasury Department is keenly aware that and hacks remain serious problems, and it’s pressuring the rest of the US government to respond. As The Washington Post , the Treasury has issued a calling on other federal regulators to further crack down on scams and other illegal crypto activity. Officials want agencies to “expand and … Read more

Elder fraud is real. Tell your parents, grandparents and friends about these scams

Kids, it’s time to have “the talk” with your parents and grandparents. Cybercrime cost Americans over 50 nearly $3 billion last year, a whopping 62% increase from 2020, according to the In fact, the number of victims could be much higher, as seniors are also less likely to report fraud, says the FBI. This is … Read more

Hackers reportedly deepfaked a Binance exec to carry out listing scams

chief communications officer says hackers used a of his image in Zoom calls to scam cryptocurrency executives. Patrick Hillmann claims the hackers successfully duped crypto project representatives into thinking he would help their tokens get listed on Binance’s exchange. In a spotted by , Hillmann wrote that the scammers built the deepfake based on his … Read more

Senate committee chair grills Apple, Google over protection against crypto app scams

Crypto scams , and a key senator wants to make sure app store operators are cracking down. Senate banking committee chair Sen. Sherrod Brown has to the CEOs of Apple and Google requesting answers on their protections against cryptocurrency app fraud. The politician wanted details of their app approval and reporting processes, user alerts for … Read more