The #1 Cause of Obesity, According to Science

According to the CDC, more than 41% of American adults are obese, making obesity a serious public health crisis. “Americans are gaining weight, and obesity has become a national health threat,” . “We can’t place the problem purely on self-control. Why has obesity become such a weighty issue?” Here are the main causes of obesity, … Read more

Stacey Abrams Enrages Republicans By Citing Science On ‘Fetal Heartbeats’

Georgia Democrat caused a stir among conservatives this week for repeating what medical experts have said about at six weeks of pregnancy. “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” Abrams, who is running a campaign centered on to unseat Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R), during a panel discussion in Atlanta on … Read more

The Weight Training Habits That Slow Aging, Science Reveals

Real talk: Weight training is king when it comes to working out. In fact, as you get older, weight training is almost like a magic supplement that’ll . Incorporating weights into your fitness routine is an excellent way to and muscles and give yourself much . Lifting will help you avoid many injuries that are … Read more

The horseracing industry is ignoring what science says about whipping

When the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) released its recent , it claimed to have consulted the science. But it insists whipping doesn’t hurt horses and fails to recommend that the racing industry changes its approach. The BHA recognises two uses of the whip. For encouragement, to activate the horse or trigger a gear change in … Read more

The Plogging Habits That Slow Aging, Science Reveals

If you haven’t tried plogging yet, it’s about time you hop on this that’s great for the environment. The incredibly popular activity of while picking up trash along your route is something individuals are having fun with across the globe—and for good reason. There’s so much healthy goodness your body gains from plogging, and science … Read more

Secret Side Effects of Drinking Tea, Says Science

Our minds may go straight to coffee when we think of the world’s favorite drink. However, is actually the cheapest and around the globe. Research shows that the list of is extensive, with outcomes like reduced inflammation, decreased risk of heart disease and chronic illness, lowered blood sugar, and much more. Even though tea is … Read more

Is time travel possible? Sort of. Here’s the science behind it.

A common theme in science fiction media, time travel is captivating. It’s defined by the late philosopher David Lewis in his essay as “[involving] a discrepancy between time and space time. Any traveler departs and then arrives at his destination; the time elapsed from departure to arrival … is the duration of the journey.” Time travel … Read more