DuckDuckGo removes carve-out for Microsoft tracking scripts after securing policy change

A few months on from a hitting privacy-centric search veteran, DuckDuckGo, the company has announced it’s been able to amend terms with Microsoft, its search syndication partner, that had previously meant its mobile browsers and browser extensions were prevented from blocking advertising requests made by Microsoft scripts on third party sites. In a pledging “more … Read more

Stripe launches App Marketplace, scripts and tools incorporating third-party SaaS apps that work alongside Stripe

, the payments upstart now valued at , has been launching a number of new products to expand beyond the API that helped make its name, to build out its position as a platform for financial services and related business infrastructure. The latest of these is making its debut today: App Marketplace, as the new … Read more

Simu Liu Chose Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ After an Agent Said It’s One of the Best Scripts Ever

knew almost nothing about and ’s “” when he agreed to audition for a role in the movie. So why did the “Shang-Chi” actor decide to throw his name into the casting ring? It turns out a junior agent at Liu’s agency convinced the actor to give “Barbie” a go after telling the actor that … Read more