Monica Lewinsky on the journey of reclaiming her ‘true self’ following the Bill Clinton scandal: ‘Seeing me in context w

Monica Lewinsky is looking back at her life with grace. In the latest episode of Dua Lipa’s podcast , the anti-bullying advocate, 49, spoke to the singer about her emotional recovery in the wake of in 1998, an event that changed her life forever. In the aftermath of the scandal, Lewinsky says she experienced unprecedented … Read more

Sharon Osbourne felt ‘sad’ seeing Prince Harry back for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: England ‘is where he belongs’

was glued to the screen for . The Osbournes matriarch, who was in England for the country’s historic event, tells Entertainment she got emotional watching the funeral and processions. Seeing Prince Harry back in England for it left her affected as well. “It was a magnificent funeral, wasn’t it?” Osbourne says of Monday’s final farewell … Read more

Chaplain recalls ‘privilege’ of seeing Queen’s holiday photos at Balmoral

A former royal chaplain shared her memories of looking at the Queen’s family holiday photos on a visit to . The very Reverend Dr Lorna Hood was moderator of the general assembly of the between 2013-14. On a visit to Balmoral, Dr Hood recalled a younger member of the extended family’s disappointment his sword was … Read more

Seeing a lot of hate tweets on your timeline today? It could be the weather.

A new study finds that the number of hateful tweets increases when the temperature gets too hot or too cold. Researchers say there’s a “feel-good” range where online anger levels off between 54-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Social networks are constantly adapting to tackle harassment as angry posting has become more organized. In recent years, the swell … Read more

William ‘Will Not Risk’ Seeing Harry or Meghan, Royal Source Says

Prince William “will not risk” spending time with his brother Prince Harry or Harry’s wife Meghan Markle on their visit to the U.K. this week, a source has told The Daily Beast, because of fears the couple would not respect the confidentiality of any such meeting. A former royal staffer said: “William and Kate will … Read more

Vote now: Which KC Chiefs rookie are you most excited about seeing this season?

As it stands now, the Chiefs will enter the 2022 season with 17% of its roster made up of rookies. All nine of those players were selected by the Chiefs in the NFL Draft, which was held in April. Many of those rookies showed flashes of potential during the preseason, so we want to know … Read more

It will be ‘hard to stomach’ seeing LIV Golf rebels at Wentworth, says Rory McIlroy

admits it will be “hard to stomach” seeing 18 players competing in the next week. The PGA Tour has suspended any of its members who have joined the Saudi-backed breakaway, with a federal judge ruling against three players who sought a temporary restraining order to lift the ban and allow them to contest the FedEx … Read more

Rory McIlroy ‘won’t be able to stomach’ seeing LIV rebels at Wentworth

Rory McIlroy has raised the tensions still further in golf’s escalating Civil War by hitting out at the rebels who have joined the Saudi-funded circuit and saying “I won’t be able to stomach seeing them at Wentworth”. McIlroy made the incredulous comments in Atlanta on Sunday night after overhauling world No 1 Scottie Scheffler’s six-shot … Read more

Skip Bayless destroys Lakers for seeing Kyrie Irving as a ‘savior’

All summer long, it has seemed that the only way for the Los Angeles Lakers to resurrect themselves and become a championship contender again would be to trade for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving. The two teams reportedly had talks several weeks ago, but nothing materialized, and now it appears the Nets rather than looking … Read more

Seeing double! Identical twin sisters marry identical twin husbands

Yes you are seeing double. These identical twin sisters married identical twin husbands – and now both couples have had a son. The bizarre family situation means the children, while actually cousins, are genetically more like brothers. It is an extremely rare phenomenon in which the one-year-old toddlers are known as “quaternary twins”. Their mothers, … Read more