Bills’ Damar Hamlin launches social-media campaign to raise awareness and funds for CPR

safety Damar Hamlin is using his to raise awareness and funds for CPR. In the process – he’s challenging three cultural titans to do the same. Hamlin  he is partnering with the American Heart Association to launch the “#3forHeart CPR Challenge,” a social media campaign intended to raise CPR education and training by challenging people on … Read more

Social enterprise creating ‘endless opportunities’ for deaf community

A deaf woman who is to become a barista thanks to a social enterprise has said she is “excited to start”, and hopes to encourage customers to learn to sign. Gary Hopkins, 58, who hails from Cape Town, South Africa, founded social enterprise I Love Coffee, which recruits and trains deaf individuals to become baristas. … Read more

Ask an Advisor: I Am 60 Years Old, Have $1.1M Cash, $880K in a 401(k), Several Pensions and Social Security. Should I Re

I am 60 years old, married, with no mortgage. We also have $1.1 million in liquid cash and $880,000 in a 401(k).  I will have two pensions, which have not started yet, and my wife will have one pension, all three adding up to approximately $3,500 a month if we took them today. Also, we … Read more

Will Tony Romo and CBS Sports respond to social media uproar over viral comment?

Following the after Tony Romo’s commentary during the AFC Championship, there has been no official comment from the former quarterback-turned-broadcaster or from CBS Sports. This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. This … Read more

If your teen is following Andrew Tate on social media, it’s time for a chat, say experts

Miami-based therapist Jacqueline Ravelo was in a session with one of her clients, a young male teen, when he brought up . The young man wanted to know what Ravelo thought of Tate. Haven’t heard the name Andrew Tate before? Well, if your teen spends time on the internet or social media, there’s a good … Read more

What did Tony Romo say during Bengals-Chiefs game that’s causing social media uproar?

CBS broadcaster and former quarterback Tony Romo ignited a social media frenzy during the second half of Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the and the . Neither CBS nor Romo have made a public comment about the social media reaction. This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. This content is not available … Read more

Shaquille O’Neal roasts Kevin Durant during social media exchange

This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. originally appeared on The war of words between and the “Inside the NBA” crew continues. This time, it was Shaquille O’Neal who fired back at the star, taking aim at Durant’s….hair, or lack thereof. The exchange began Saturday morning with Durant’s quote tweet about O’Neal … Read more

Is Social Security income taxable by the IRS? Here’s what you might owe on your benefits

When it comes to with its barrage of and , getting your can feel like a herculean task, especially if you’re not quite sure of the rules. If you receive Social Security benefits from the government, for example, that money is subject to taxes. The amount you have to pay varies and whether you are … Read more

Debit Limit Ceiling Crisis Could Hit Your 401(k), Social Security and Medicare

America’s debt ceiling was reached – again – on January 19, 2023 as the country exceeded its $31.4 trillion spending cap. The cap was raised to that amount in December 2021. As much terms like “ceiling” and “cap” are used in this discussion, the truth is this limitation is more of a temporary hindrance than … Read more

NHL VP Kim Davis talks social policies, inclusivity in exclusive interview

Kim Davis is the executive vice president of social impact, growth initiatives and legislative affairs for the NHL. Davis and her department are responsible for making hockey a safer space for marginalized communities and enacting initiatives such as Hockey Is For Everyone. I’ve been an outspoken critic of Davis, stemming from our about where the … Read more