The drama surrounding Harry Styles, Florence Pugh and ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ explained

All the drama surrounding the new psychological thriller isn’t taking place onscreen. It’s happening in real life. The movie, which stars and as a young married couple living in a dreamy 1950s-style suburban community that isn’t as ideal as it looks, arrived in theaters Sept. 23. But for months leading up to its release, director  film has been generating buzz … Read more

House of the Dragon star Emily Carey addresses ‘queerbaiting’ surrounding Queen Alicent and Rhaenyra

actor Emily Carey has addressed the complicated relationship between her character, Queen Alicent, and that of Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by . On the hit Game of Thrones spin-off, the two girls are close friends whose relationship is fractured when Alicent marries Rhaenyra’s widowed father, King Viserys, . In an , Carey, 19, discussed her portrayal … Read more

Why is there so much shame surrounding formula and breastfeeding?

Breast, bottle, whatever: is a shame-free series on how babies eat. A few months back, singer to share an unpleasant encounter she’d had while her 6-week-old baby at the playground where her older daughter was playing. According to , she was confronted by another mother, who chastised her for nursing in public and told her … Read more

Jaylon Ferguson’s family tries to quash rumors surrounding Ravens linebacker’s death

The family of the late linebacker Jaylon Ferguson put out a statement Thursday to quash rumors about his cause of death. Doni Smith, Ferguson’s fiancée, posted the remarks on Twitter. It came as TMZ Sports reported, , that “investigators are not ruling out the possibility of an overdose.” “It is with deep sadness that we … Read more