This is the $12 secret to keeping scaredy-dogs calm through thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises

If you’re a dog owner, you know that pups don’t like loud noises — thunderstorms, fireworks or even a siren going off in the distance can reduce a dog to a shivering pile of fur. It’s a common problem among dogs: According to a study published in the , over 39.2 percent of owners surveyed … Read more

Heavy rain and thunderstorms to return after 36,000 lightning strikes recorded

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are set to return on Monday after more than 36,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the UK in just 12 hours. Thunder and lightning were seen across large parts of the country on Sunday night, including over south-east England, south-west England, most of Northern Ireland, Wales, the east of England, Northamptonshire … Read more

Lightning Strikes Palm Tree in Los Angeles Amid ‘Unusual’ Early Summer Thunderstorms

Lightning struck a palm tree during a thunderstorm in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday, June 22, footage shared online shows. Mark Budde filmed a video showing a palm tree on fire during a thunderstorm. “Lightning strikes look different in Los Angeles”, Budde wrote on Twitter. The Pasadena Fire Department several “lightning-related palm tree fires”. The … Read more