Parents ‘paying £22 for doctor’s note’ to allow children to use toilet during lessons

Parents claim they are having to pay for a doctor’s note to ensure their children are allowed to use the loo during lessons at school. They say this was after their kids were told they could only go before or after school and during breaks or lunch. The mums and dads at Marine Academy Plymouth … Read more

‘My butt has never felt better’: The toilet paper 106,000+ shoppers love is on sale for Prime Day

I’m really picky about the type of toilet paper I use, and with good reason. A few years ago, I was actually injured by scratchy toilet paper and had to see a doctor over it — very long story. But, thankfully, that traumatic experience has me buying the fluffiest stuff I can find, even though … Read more

Northern Ireland turning Republic into a ‘toilet’ for excess manure pollution

Ireland has become a “toilet” for cross-border pollution, say campaigners, as officials investigate allegations around the movement of animal manure from Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has the highest stocking density of livestock in the UK, with birds, and intensive pig numbers at a. But the disposal of animal waste and increasing levels of pollution may … Read more

Lil Nas X’s New Kanye-Inspired Single Cover Puts a BET Award in the Toilet

On the eve of weekend, — who shaded the show last month for not nominating him for any awards — went after the show again. On Thursday afternoon he posted the cover image of his next single, “,” which shows him (presumably it’s him) urinating on a BET Award in a toilet — a clear … Read more