‘We’re here:’ Donald Trump hits the campaign trail again in New Hampshire, South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. –  resumed public campaigning Saturday with renewed attacks on long-standing targets: President Joe Biden, the 2020 election, federal and state prosecutors, and a lengthening list of Republican opponents. “So, we’re here and we start, we begin,” Trump told a group of during a day of campaigning that also will take him to South Carolina; … Read more

Trump pilloried as ‘4-year-old cheat’ over golf tournament claims: ‘Guy can’t even con right anymore’

Sportswriter and author has criticised as a “cheat” after the golf-loving former president claimed victory in a competitive tournament earlier this week – despite missing the first day. Mr Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to in the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf Club in , . He declared that … Read more

Trump’s Facebook, Instagram Accounts Reinstated After Two-Year Ban

(Bloomberg) — Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. has reinstated former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts following a two-year suspension for violating the social networks’ rules. Most Read from Bloomberg The company’s decision to withdraw the suspension, announced Wednesday, means Trump can now reach tens of millions of followers across the two … Read more

Cause of death revealed for Diamond of the pro-Trump sister duo Diamond and Silk

Lynnette Hardaway, better known as Diamond of the conservative sister duo Diamond and Silk, died of a heart condition, the Associated Press reported. The right-wing internet personality’s cause of death was confirmed Tuesday with the release of the death certificate . Hardaway at age 51 of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure, the … Read more

Trump declares himself the winner of his own club championship – in the Trumpiest way ever

has declared himself a winner … again. Trump announced on his social media platform on Tuesday that he won the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf Club in unincorporated West Palm Beach last weekend, despite not playing the first round of the tournament. Members arrived the second day surprised to see Trump with a … Read more

Diamond’s Cause of Death Revealed: Pro-Trump Internet Star Dies at 51 of Heart Disease

Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway ‘s cause of death has been revealed. The internet star, who at the age of 41, was one-half of the conservative political commentator duo . Unsubstantiated rumors had been flying on social media that COVID-19 was to blame for her death — something her sister Rochelle Richardson (“Silk”), . According to … Read more

Key hearing in Trump Georgia probe, Taylor Swift-Ticketmaster fiasco in Congress: live updates

A Georgia judge on Tuesday of months-long examination of . What to expect: The noon hearing in Fulton County Superior Court the panel’s conclusions, including any recommendations that former President Donald Trump should be charged, would be made public. It all started with a phone call: The inquiry started in early January 2021 with Trump’s … Read more

LIV to stage 3 events on Trump sites; ranking decision looms

The second year of Saudi-funded LIV Golf will be going to three courses owned by former President Donald Trump as part of a 14-event schedule in 2023, according to . The report said LIV Golf announced its schedule, although the LIV only said that a full schedule was coming soon. The rival league previously said … Read more

Trump wants back on Facebook, set to hit campaign trail; White House blasts GOP: Live updates

Former President Donald Trump is set to return to the campaign trail, and prominent conservative activist Matt Schlapp is facing groping allegations by a former Herschel Walker campaign aide. Meanwhile, the at President Joe Biden’s residence and office continued to reverberate Wednesday as newly empowered with congressional probes of Biden’s handling of the documents. The White House has criticized Republicans for “faking outrage” … Read more

Kansas professor avoids prison in blow to Trump-era China-related probe

By Nate Raymond (Reuters) – A University of Kansas professor avoided prison on Wednesday for making a false statement related to work he was doing in China in the latest setback for a Trump-era U.S. Department of Justice crackdown on Chinese influence within American academia. Prosecutors had asked U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson in Kansas … Read more