Do I fall in America’s lower, middle, or upper class? Here’s how your income stacks up in the US economic class system

The dividing lines that define Americans by wealth class and status have always been blurry. For many households, where they fit in the income ladder comes down to a feeling rather than numbers. But do the facts line up with your feelings? Don’t miss What would you do if you had an ? Too many … Read more

PINA offers wealth management for Indonesia’s growing middle- to upper-class

Indonesian wealth management app PINA’s founding team While many of Indonesia’s investment apps are focused on hooking first-time investors with low fees and starting deposits, is targeting the middle-to-upper classes with wealth management services. The app announced today that it has raised $3 million in seed funding from AC Ventures, Vibe.VC and Y Combinator, with … Read more

Wearable arm muscles could help overcome upper body injuries

Many are built to , but researchers at ETH Zurich might have a solution to improve your arm strength. They’ve the Myoshirt, a wearable arm exomuscle that can compensate for conditions and injuries affecting the upper body. The combination of vest and cuff uses sensors to detect your intended movements and cue a motor that … Read more