The inactive Kentucky Speedway is now a storage facility for a massive collection of unfinished Ford trucks visible from

Ford is using the inactive Kentucky Speedway as a storage facility. And you can see the trucks in the parking lots surrounding the speedway from space. The Kentucky Speedway in Sparta opened in 2000 and hosted NASCAR races at the track through 2020. The track has been unused for racing after it was left off … Read more

Starwatch: Libra is visible all evening but wait until midnight to do it justice

This week you can track down one of the fainter zodiacal constellations. Libra, the scales, is located in the southern celestial hemisphere, and so never rises that high in northern skies, but it is most visible from the northern hemisphere at this time of year. The chart shows the view looking south-west at midnight tonight. … Read more

The largest bacterium discovered is visible to the naked eye

When you hear the word “bacteria,” you probably picture organisms that couldn’t be seen unless they’re placed under a microscope. A bacterium that has now been classified as the largest in the world ever discovered, however, needs no special tools to be visible to the naked eye. , as it’s called, takes on a filament-like … Read more