Elon Musk told Twitter employees they have to start working exclusively at the company’s San Francisco headquarters

  • Musk sent an email to staff on Wednesday afternoon.

  • He said all employees who could “reasonably” be at the San Francisco headquarters should come in.

  • Musk specifically noted that employees writing software or working on design should be at the office.

Workplace options at Twitter just became a little smaller.


In an email sent to staff on Wednesday, Elon Musk mandated that employees start coming into the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, advising employees that other Bay Area offices won’t be used “for now.”

Insider obtained a copy of the email via a Twitter employee whose identity has been verified by Insider but requested to remain anonymous.

It read:

“Everyone who can reasonably be at SF HQ is required to be unless an explicit exception is approved. We will not be using other offices in the Bay Area for now. Anyone writing software / doing design needs to be on the 10th floor.



This isn’t the first time Musk has urged Twitter employees to start coming into Twitter offices. Still, this latest email marks an escalation of his efforts to weed out remote work.

Musk’s call is also a staunch reversal of the culture established by his predecessor Jack Dorsey, who announced back in 2020 that

In early November, Musk a reference to a 1979 satirical film, where he reaffirmed his belief that corporate camaraderie is best fostered in the office. At the time, he thanked those who were already spending late nights at the office. He also noted that employees who were “performing at an exceptional level” could continue working remotely.

Musk’s latest email is also not the first time he has specifically requested Twitter’s designers and software developers to join him on the 10th floor— where he regularly works.

In late November, Musk , adding that the 10th floor is “intended to be dense and intense.”

Over the past few weeks, many of the company’s engineers have already set up shop on the 10th floor, Insider . Musk has also been known to conduct regular walk-throughs where he .

Twitter did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for a comment.



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